Ecovillage Ithaca TREE Common House

In Spring/Summer 2015 – installing 12 state-of-the-art SunEarth 4’x8′ TRB blue sputter-type solar thermal collectors (made in America)…for pre-heating a 415 gallon water tank, serving 16 residential units and 1 common kitchen.

Early July, 2015 the collectors were placed.  By end of July 2015 the collector piping will be assembled, the mechanical room work will be complete and the system will be commissioned.

Common house pic 2 collector installEcovillage TREE Common House Collectors Installed with logo_____

Previous Photo: Racking Installed, ready for collectors.


The view from the Common House is amazing and overlooks all of the Ecovillage TREE, SONG and FROG communities in Ithaca, NY.

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