Solar is Hot


New! See how we are utilizing cutting-edge wi-fi micro-controllers to affordable watch our systems remotely…

Proven "Steamback" Performance
Robust solar thermal systems which reliably go dormant rather than overheat...
Solar Hot Water Ithaca NY Steamback Testing Stagnation
1-Tank Systems
Great when tank space is limited.
Solar Hot Water Ithaca NY schematic piping
2-Tank Systems
We recommend for most installs a 2-tank solar thermal system...
Solar Hot Water Ithaca NY schematic piping
Education about Solar Thermal systems.
Solar Hot Water Education Ithaca NY
State-of-the-Art Collectors
We feature some of the best collectors available - Made in America
SunEarth collectors blue-sputter solar hot water Ithaca NY

We suggest for most homes a 2-tank solar thermal system: Link


For space-limited options, we suggest a 1-tank solar thermal system: Link

 See our continuing comparison between flat plate and evacuated tube solar thermal collectors: Link