Solar is Hot


New! See how we are utilizing cutting-edge wi-fi micro-controllers to affordable watch our systems remotely…

State-of-the-Art Collectors
We feature some of the best collectors available - Made in America
SunEarth collectors blue-sputter solar hot water Ithaca NY
Education about Solar Thermal systems.
Solar Hot Water Education Ithaca NY
1-Tank Systems
Great when tank space is limited.
Solar Hot Water Ithaca NY schematic piping
Proven "Steamback" Performance
Robust solar thermal systems which reliably go dormant rather than overheat...
Solar Hot Water Ithaca NY Steamback Testing Stagnation
2-Tank Systems
We recommend for most installs a 2-tank solar thermal system...
Solar Hot Water Ithaca NY schematic piping

We suggest for most homes a 2-tank solar thermal system: Link


For space-limited options, we suggest a 1-tank solar thermal system: Link

 See our continuing comparison between flat plate and evacuated tube solar thermal collectors: Link